Environmental and Conservation

We are committed to protecting the environment in which we live and work, and re-cycle most of our waste products.  We are of course aware of the possible impact of our works on wildlife, and take this into account during all our projects.  We always carry out the required inspections for nesting birds and bats in the trees and hedges in which we work.   We also carry out checks for badgers, lizards, newts, snakes and slow worms in the areas in which we are working, especially before site clearance works.

We have the following in place:

  • Environmental policy
  • Conservation Statement
  • Recycling statement
  • Waste carriers licence
Slowworm coiled up
three newts by a pond
Badger in sett
Bat on large tree
blackbird nest with eggs inside it
thrush nest in a yew tree and greenery


Logs end on
Pile of wood chip
Logs habitat pile

We produce the following products from the debris we remove from site including Woodchip for garden mulching and dressing, and timber for firewood and  woodturning. High quality timber is also used for construction and furniture making.