Membership & Associations

parkArboricultural Association

Elite Tree Services (East Anglia) Ltd are proud to be members of the arboricultural Association.

The association is committed to:

  • The advancement in the study of arboriculture
  • Raising the standards of the practice
  • Promoting the interest in trees through its publications, exhibitions and to stimulate research
  • Providing training to students in the disciplines of arboriculture
  • To raise governmental and public awareness of issues relating to arboriculture

The association has 2000 members and is the largest professional institution in the UK for amenity tree care.

It provides a centre for all sectors working within arboriculture, civic, commercial, utility and academic professions.

The purpose of AA is to promote the sustainable management of trees in areas where people live, work and play for the benefit of society.


Elite Trees are listed on the Edfirst website as a professional Arboriculture company.

If you are in the education sector, and require a future requirement for Tree Surgery, contact us today, or enquire via the Edfirst website. - Listed school supplier