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When to call a tree inspector

There are literally thousands of trees across the region which have a current Tree Preservation Order (TPO) against them. This has been put in place by local authority to protect a specific tree, or sometimes to protect an entire woodland area from any deliberate damage. A TPO is a flexible and individual document that will…
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A top tipper and chipper investment from the teams skipper

With the demands of tree surgery, having the right kind of specialist equipment is important for the profession. It enables Tree Surgeons to carry out work efficiency with absolute safety for the skilled tree surgery team and the public. Elite Trees based in Ipswich owns probably the largest and most versatile variety of Access Platforms…
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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) A TPO is made by a local planning authority (usually a local council) to protect specific trees or a particular area, group of trees or woodland from deliberate damage and destruction. It applies to trees at individual addresses and locations. Different TPOs have different degrees of protection and can prevent the felling, lopping,…
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Protecting Our Wildlife: Newts, Lizards & Slow Worms

Protecting Our Wildlife NEWTS, LIZARDS & SLOW WORMS Newts, lizards and slow worms are all protected by legislation and under UK law and therefore householders and landowners must be prepared for the eventuality that any work to be carried out may be subject to obtaining a mitigation licence from Natural England, if nesting and breeding…
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