Elite Tree Surgeons supporting training of young athletes

by fse-admin - / 07.06.2016

Elite Tree Services (EA) Ltd  in association with Georgie Webster Equestrian, supporting the training of young local athletes

Show Jumping Clinic May 2016

Picture2 Picture1We were proud to sponsor this recent local training event for young riders run by Georgie Webster of Georgie Webster Equestrian, based in Ipswich.

Elite Tree Services (EA) Ltd  carry out tree work on a daily basis in Ipswich and the surrounding areas in Suffolk.   This was an ideal opportunity for us to re-cycle some of the our waste products, and we built and supplied many of the jumps and fillers, and of course the trees and greenery to fill these.

We also supplied various signing and cones as well as financial support for the day.

Georgie hosted a show jumping clinic with a range of unusual jumps to introduce horse and rider to various scary items that they might find at competition, or when generally out and about hacking. This was a valuable opportunity for young riders to come and receive professional help, advice and coaching.

Picture4The students ranged from 6 to 16 years, with abilities from beginners through to experienced competition riders.  The idea of the course was to build confidence and the relationship between horse and rider to help and encourage these young riders to get out on the competition circuit and compete at all levels.

The day was a huge success, everyone had a great day and we saw fantastic improvements in the riders as the day progressed.

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