Firewood – keeping us warm and dry in the cold winter months

It’s now common place for houses to enjoy the open fire feel of a wood burner, and firewood in those typical orange string bags sold at the local garage or shop is a familiar sight.

At Elite Trees we recycle all of the wood we remove from our tree surgery projects. In fact, you will see if you visit our yard in Kesgrave near Ipswich a complete wall either side of our drive, entirely built out of recycled wood. It not only looks great, it provides a beautiful addition and backdrop to the wooded area around our Kesgrave Depot. We all know that most garden fences are built from timber, but you will rarely come across the uniqueness of our very own sustainable borders, and they really are something to behold.

Most of us generalise types of wood and consider wood as being the very same thing, or at the very most we will differentiate between the qualities of Oak, Pine or occasionally other wood types when it comes to the furniture in our homes. If using for firewood however, there is a huge difference between tree types in regards to what burns hotter, longer and better.

The lowest of the scale for firewood is probably Alder. It doesn’t last well, and has a poor heat output. The wood from Apple trees makes a very good fuel, slow burning, doesn’t spit or spark which could burn a whole in your expensive carpet or rug, and has a very good heat output. The most popular and recognised for providing a good fuel is Ash. A strong steady flame, very good heat output and can burn well even if it is still green and moist. Maple is in the same bracket with a good flame, and strong heat output.

So when you are considering your next batch of firewood for that log burner, it is worth asking your local Tree Surgeon, as we tend to stock a big variety of wood, and you can also purchase much more cost effectively than the £5 for an orange bag of logs, and we guarantee to help you lower the cost of heating your house throughout the winter months.

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