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by fse-admin - / 02.02.2016

Timber Choice For Furniture Making

Over the years Elite Trees have been supplying individuals with timber for furniture making. Although it is never a good thing to have to remove a tree, but always done for the right reasons, it is important that we maximise the use of timber in all areas, and some of the best off-cuts are used in many types of end product.

Timber is an incredible material, and its use in construction is probably the greatest, but the market for solid wood furniture has been growing steadily over the past decades, especially with natural oak products. Just about every home now enjoys a variety of solid wood furniture and the furniture retailers have migrated further and further away from constructed board board products towards natural solid wood. Accompanied with a growing market for solid wood floors, high quality timber is in huge demand, with sustainable forestry now able to continually support this demand.

Timber choices…

The two main choices we see in furniture retailers around the country is Pine and Oak, but there has been an increase in demand for other wood types, rather like some of the old antique furniture we see, borne on an era that explored some of the rarer timber to produce some of the most beautiful furniture that lasts the test of time.

The UK has been a hotbed of beautiful furniture creations over the past centuries, with some very highly collectible pieces for those who appreciate the craftsmanship, but we now see a more modern and contemporary use of this fine material for our houses and gardens.

The 1970s saw a move towards plastic and metal furniture, and today we still see the duplication of design pieces from that era, but natural wood still remains the people’s favourite, with a huge and vibrant global industry designing a whole choice of furniture products for our homes. Let’s hope that continues!

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