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Tree Inspections & Reports for Commercial Premises & Public Areas

Elite Tree Services (EA) Ltd are regularly called in to carry out tree inspections and reports on trees in public areas, at commercial premises and in private gardens. This summer, we had the pleasure of inspecting some fantastic veteran trees on the grounds of a private school in Suffolk. On the whole, these fabulous trees were in good condition…
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TreeSurv: Elite Trees Unique Tree Inspection & Maintenance Package

TreeSurv Tree owners have a legal obligation to ensure their trees are in a safe condition, do not pose a danger to others and are not causing damage to other people’s property. This is particularly important for parish councils who have a long list of responsibilities for the upkeep of public spaces. Part of the…
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Protecting Our Wildlife: Birds

Protecting Our Wildlife BIRDS All species of wild bird, their nests and eggs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and wherever possible you should always try to avoid harming birds and their nests by timing work to avoid the breeding season or by using methods which deter the birds rather than…
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Protecting Our Wildlife: Badgers

Protecting Our Wildlife BADGERS Badgers are protected in law under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.  The act makes it an offence to damage or obstruct a badger sett which shows signs of current use by badgers, or to disturb a badger in residence. You won’t need a licence if you are felling small trees…
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