Hedges & Shrubs

hedgesHedges can be a very attractive back drop to a commercial exterior, parklands and gardens. They form a natural boundary, and if regular trimming is carried out to encourage new and continuous growth of foliage, hedge row can provide a wonder barrier to what lays beyond.

At Elite we look at capture enhance that natural growth through good advice and regular trimming. Our team offers a highly professional and skilled range of service maximise the look and feel of your hedges.

Seasonal trimming

This can be a regular or annual service or purely a one of reduction to overgrown plants to reduce height and width. We wouldn’t recommend a reduction of more than 50% in any one year, as this could be a detriment to the health of the hedges.

The correct process is to gradually reduce the height of the hedges over the course of several seasons, reducing any stress on the plants, and maintaining that healthy and attractive back drop to your property.