The felling of a precarious Sycamore in Dedham, Essex

The beautiful and historic town of Dedham which is nestled in the stunning countryside of Dedham Vale is certainly known for its ancient trees and green spaces, many of which are explored by tourists all year round.

So to get the call to look at a very tall Sycamore tree which had been inspected by an arboricultural consultant, and further found to have various fungal infections, but situated very close to many of Dedham's listed buildings, required an urgent solution. The Sycamore's infections were associated with old pruning wounds which may be been the cause of the deadwood in the crown, and various cavities which had formed within the stem.

The conclusion by the consultant was of an increasing risk of failure as the tree had begun to decline, and its location overhanging the public highway was also cause for great concern. The owner of the tree agreed on the recommendations from the tree inspection report, and commissioned Elite Tree Services to take down the tree.

With the precarious position, albeit heavily protected by our road signs, meant the job of taking down such a large tree had to be done with caution and utilising our highly sophisticated equipment. The Wumag WT260 is a 26m access platform mounted onto a vehicle. The 7.5T machine was absolutely perfect for the job, and accompanied by the Unimog with Hiab which enabled us to crane down the timber, meant what was seemingly a difficult job, became a great deal easier, and took less time than you may think.

With a full Unimog trailer of timber, the final results was a 4 feet high stump which can be seen clearly in the gallery adjacent.

A job of this nature required a number of plans to be put in place, including:

  • Planning permission for work on a tree with a TPO
  • Full road signage and traffic management
  • Clear access on the road - no parked vehicles
  • And an agreement from the neighbour, as we would be obstructing the access to their property

A job of this nature certainly takes a lot of planning, and with 17 years experience in Tree Surgery we were able to make the process simple and efficient for the customer.