A beautiful Rowan tree in Ipswich had unfortunately decayed and required removal

Bane of witches, a diviner of the future and producer of jam, the Rowan is an elegant tree with a mystical history. Its leaves and berries are a favourite for wildlife in woods and towns alike. Mature trees can grow to 15m in height and can live for up to 200 years. 

The project

The Rowan is certainly beautiful and rather mystical tree. With numerous varieties growing in the Northern Hemisphere it provides a perfect and elegant addition to any garden or green area. That is why it is always so disappointing to have to take down such an exquisite tree. This particular Rowan had unfortunately experienced extensive decay and would have eventually died.

The project required minimal tools and we were able to fell the tree with no disruption to the local environment. Once the tree was felled, we cut it into sections, chipped the branches for mulching and cut the main trunk for firewood.

Once we were down to stump level we were able to access the site using our narrow access Stump Grinder. This enabled us to grind down the stump allowing the homeowner who was very keen to plant a replacement tree in the future. We, of course, gave our advice on what would be a superb replacement.

The outcome

It is never a good outcome to condemn a tree and the homeowner had become attached to this beautiful Rowan tree. Unfortunately, part of our job is giving the homeowner bad news, but at the very least we can provide exemplary service with good advice for a suitable replacement.