A familiar and rather intrusive tree in Ipswich requires removal

Removing a tree is never an easy decision or indeed a conscious one that anyone likes to make. Unfortunately, this tree which was extremely established, required the sensible decision to remove it. It had grown too large for the garden, and become intrusive to the local environment.

The project

The tree had been part of our regular work for years, having on many occasion carried out pruning and thinning to keep the tree growth at bay. However, the tree was becoming a nuisance and blocking out considerable light in the owners garden, as well as the neighbours extremely well-established vegetable gardens and greenhouses, which sat directly below the tree.

A reluctant decision was made by the customer to remove the tree, and our team set to work. Because of the location access for one of our platforms was very difficult, so we reverted back to the good old trusted tree surgeons rope and harness, gradually dismantling the tree, removing branches and then the main trunk. 

The precarious location of the tree meant we had to work carefully and diligently so as not to disturb or put the local environment in danger of falling debris. After a considered plan of attack, we were very cautious in our work.

The outcome

Let there be light! As you can appreciate, every time you remove a tree, a considerable amount of light that was lost, was then found. This particular tree removal project to that to the extreme. The images demonstrate just what a difference removing the tree had made.  The extra light in the garden and indeed, the light to the neighbouring garden was significant. The vegetable garden should now have more significant growth, and our customers garden an abundance of light.

  • Oak After
  • Oak Before landscape
  • Oak Before