A new fence installed for an Ipswich property that was blocking a public path

Often overlooked by our customers is the fact we don’t just do trees. As professional tree surgeons, we do spend most of our time working on green areas. Still, commonly this is to replace deteriorated fencing that has either become a hazard or security risk.

The project

This Ipswich residential property had a rear garden bordered by a public alleyway. The fence running alongside the public path had certainly seen better days. It wasn’t providing any form of privacy and security for the owners and had started to fall across the footpath, obstructing anyone wishing to use it. The destruction of the fence was undoubtedly due to shrubs inside the garden, taking over and affecting the stability of the fence.

Our first job was to clear the shrubs so we could get access to the fencing and then remove the fence to give us a clear area for erecting a new fence and rear gate. Once we had cleared everything, we could measure and plan out the post and gate locations across the rear of the garden. We then set about installing a brand fence and gateway to the adjacent public path.

The site location did provide us with a challenge due to the path being very narrow, which in turn meant we had to be somewhat strategic with moving materials and fence panels too and from the vehicle to the location. However, it didn’t delay the project too much, and we were able to transform the area in quick time.

The outcome

A new fence is undoubtedly transformational. This project was no exception, and the photographs demonstrate what an excellent job our team produced. Clean lines and a well-built fence will now last for decades, with delighted clients and much clearer access for those using the rear public path.