Aerial inspection highlights tree work to be done on this preservation protected Oak

The nations favourite tree is undoubtedly the Oak. It’s thick and twisted branches, and interesting canopy always makes for a beautiful addition to any green area. Invariably Oaks are protected, and this particular tree was no exception. It was so beautiful, a Tree Preservation Order was an absolute must for the Woodbridge Oak tree.

The project

It really is a privilege to work on an Oak tree, especially a mature tree of this nature. This particular tree had a preservation order, so you always consider the work you do on such a tree to be well planned and delicate. Firstly, because that is the nature of preservation and secondly because of the beauty of such a tree. 

We suspected the tree required some delicate maintenance, but to be sure, we carried out an aerial tree inspection to ensure the tree was in a safe condition. On examination, we noted the tree had a considerable amount of dead and damaged branches in the crown. 

Using a rope and harness, we started to work on removing the deadwood which had accumulated over seasons. Careful removal, and a lot of hard work by our team, and the tree was restored to perfect condition.

The outcome

Did you see us? I think the owner was absolutely right in their comments. The finished tree looked like it hadn’t even been touched, but as with all Oaks, the shape and structure is maintained when you carry out such intricate work, and unless you were witness to work we did and sheer amount of dead and damaged branches we removed, you would consider that not much had happened. That for us, is the sign of excellent and meticulously planned work, maintaining the integrity and the beauty of such a wonderful and respected species of tree.