An every day job for the team at Elite carried out in Bramford near Ipswich

There are certain types of jobs that are very difficult, they can be creative, strategically look near impossible, or indeed there are jobs that are very rewarding and common-place for the Elite Team. This project most certainly fell into the latter.

The project

Tidying and clearing domestic spaces is certainly a regular project for the team at Elite. We like this kind of projects as it provides a variety of work for our professional operatives, but also it is rewarding to see the final result.

This particular project required most of our skills, without testing us with difficult access or cordoning off roads for example. The project involved the trimming and tidying of hedges and shrubs and the removal of a small Conifer tree.

The project didn’t require specialist equipment, large vehicles and certainly not an access crane. Our equipment most certainly had the day off, and our team had a great day tidying up the perimeter of a rather attractive domestic garden.

The outcome

We don’t get all the easy jobs, but when we do it is sometimes a welcome relief from the rather physical process of removing a large tree. What it does provide with that physical relief is a sense of reward and achievement. There is nothing better than viewing the outcome of what was a rather overgrown garden perimeter. The neat and tidy version on this project looked fantastic.

  • Bramford, Ipswich – Conifer After
  • Bramford, Ipswich – Conifer Before