And then there was light! Ipswich based Conifer trees restricting the view

Conifers are trees with unique scale-like leaves or needles and their seed-bearing cones are easily recognised. They are mostly evergreen and can grow into large, often very fast-growing trees, although there are many dwarf varieties, including many effective groundcover plants. Many conifers make good hedges too. Yew is a conifer with small cones with a fleshy covering. 

The project

One very significant aspect of the conifer is its ability to grow fast, very fast. Although a hugely popular choice for the domestic garden, the significant growth does mean regular trimming, otherwise expect to lose the ability to see sunlight with the Conifers dense foilage.

These two Conifer trees were located across the centre of a narrow rear garden. We suspect originally to provide some privacy for the terraced area. In reality, they were taking up a lot of space, making the rear of the property dark as well as encroaching on neighbouring gardens. We had trimmed these trees on several occasions with the owner debating the entire removal of them. This recent visit saw the owner make the decision to finally remove these trees, and what a difference. The outcome was a 'light', the garden feeling much larger.

The trees were carefully dismantled using a rope and harness, with all debris being dragged from the rear garden, ascending steps to the terrace area and through a narrow passage to the road where we could extract from the site.

The outcome

We can honestly state that it isn't the first time, or indeed will be the last that we hear from a homeowner what difference it has made to their garden when removing Conifers. They are attractive trees undoubtedly, but also high maintenance and the ultimate blocker of sunlight amongst the Tree varieties. This homeowner was certainly happy with the outcome.