Clearing and trimming the dead wood away from a beautiful Redwood tree

Redwood trees are infamous for their beauty, so you may be surprised to learn that they are only typically found in a few small pockets of the world. There are three species of Redwood: Coast Redwood, Giant Sequoia, and the Dawn Redwood. Each of them grows in numbers in particular areas. The incredible giant sequoia grows in California’s Sierra Nevada range. They are amazing!

The project

This particular Redwood tree is located in Woodbridge in Suffolk. So, it certainly isn’t a regular task for our team to work on such a beautiful specimen of one of the most revered and admired trees on the planet. The exclusive opportunity to work on a Redwood tree, also presented some stunning views across the countryside and adjacent Church grounds as the photography demonstrates.

Our work was to tidy through the tree to remove dead and rubbing branches and stubs to help secure the location from falling debris. It ensured the safety of those who passed by the tree in future. It was an intricate project for our team, and we carefully removed a considerable amount of the tree density, which in future would allow for the tree to grow and survive our cold winters.

Access was challenging, so we needed our versatile RQG 18 narrow access tracked platform. This machine can move across undulating terrain and provide a reliable platform in the soft grounds that surrounded the tree. It meant we could work safely and efficiently.

The outcome

We suspect our guys would love to work on this tree continually. The views were stunning, and the rare opportunity to work on a Redwood is a privilege. We have, of course, ensured that we are the chosen tree surgeons when the Redwood requires delicate trimming in the future. Why not?

  • Redwood by Church Woodbridge 1
  • Redwood by Church Woodbridge 2 landscape
  • Redwood by Church Woodbridge 2