Decayed Ipswich oak presented a major removal project for our team of Tree Surgeons

Decaying trees are common-place to tree surgeons, and unfortunately, some of the most beautiful trees will eventually succumb to disease and decay. This particular Oaktree was a fine example of an old specimen that had all of the typically twisted branches and beauty you associate with an oak. Unfortunately, it had been a victim of long-term decay and required removing.

The project

The client contacted us over concerns about the welfare of their much-loved oak. The client had been the resident for over three decades and seen this beautiful specimen mature over that time. On inspection, we noted the tree had some severe decay, and further examination and recommendations meant that tree needed removing. It is never an easy decision, and the news quite devasted the client.

Our team set about removing the upper branches and working down the main trunk of the tree. We then sectionally dismantled the main trunk in small sections, as it was a very large and established tree. Using a combination of access platform with a rope and harness, our team were able to remove the tree safely.

Once we had the tree down to just a few inches above the ground, our tree surgeons proceeded to grind the stump down to ground level. We removed a vast amount of debris from the site, with much of the foliage used for mulch, the owner kept some of the high-quality timber for some planned craftwork.

The outcome

Fortunately, we don't have the job of removal established trees too often, and it is quite common that owners of the trees become attached to them. The oak tree had unfortunately seen its best and needed to be removed from a safety point of view.