Difficult access in Suffolk, for a large tree removal

Access is regularly an issue for us at Elite Trees, especially when it involves the removal of a very large tree. Wet and soft ground can make it very difficult for our vehicles carrying heavy loads to move on and off-site when we need to.

The project

This particular project was to remove a very large tree which for safety reasons was becoming a hazard to the local environment. The vehicular access to the tree was through an abundance of very wet and soft ground due to the extensive rain we have received recently. The conditions would have also made it virtually impossible to walk any debris to our vehicles.

The precarious nature of the tree meant the work couldn’t be postponed to the dryer summer months, so we improvised and improved our access to the site by laying plastic ground boards. This not only allowed us to access safely and securely, but it also made sure we wouldn’t damage the sweeping grounds leading up to the tree's location.

Once the boards were laid, we were able to carry out a swift and efficient removal of the tree, clearing all wood and debris from the site. 

The outcome

Once the tree was removed the owner of the site was very pleased indeed. Firstly, we removed a hazard and secondly, we did it without any form of damage to the grounds. It was a testing project for our team, but certainly one we were more than capable of executing.

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