East Bergholt tree trimming in a location with limited access

The Willow tree timber has been the mainstay for manufacturing in the UK for centuries. From the treatment for fever and inflammation through to using the timber to make baskets, fishing nets, furniture, toys and indeed the odd Cricket bat. The dye from a willow can be used for the tanning of leather. Apart from its unusual natural beauty, it has been an important part of our manufacturing heritage for many years.

The project

This particular Willow was growing beside a stream adjacent to some new houses. The proximity of the tree meant the work we had to do becoming particularly testing for our team. Its close proximity to a public road required managing, and the adjacent stream meant we had limited space to drop any debris.

Using our Wumag WT260 Access Platform, we were able to work safely on the tree and cut the tree back to its original reduction points. This mature tree required this treatment every 2-3 years to make sure it was safe and not interfering with the infrastructure around it.

Our team took great care in removing the bulk of the growth from the width of the tree first, and then carefully removing the upper growth to reduce the tree to the required height and width. The image shows the midway point of our work, where we had pruned much of the weight out of the tree, but we still had some considerable work to do to remove the upper growth.

The outcome

Experience is everything when you need to cut a large tree down to a safe size in a difficult location. We continually come across these type of projects. This particular project had its difficulties because of the proximity of the tree in relation to the public road and stream. The access platform was an absolute necessity in order to carry out this project, and our team coped very well with the demands required.

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