Garden clearance in Ipswich, ready for landscaping

The opportunity to redesign a large garden was the task for this particular client. Before this could happen, it was down to the Elite team to completely clear the garden of trees, shrubs and plants.

The project

The new owners of this delightful property wanted to completely reshape the outdoor spaces. The rear garden was very established but through many years of growth the greenery was quite intrusive on light and recreational use. The owner took the decision to clear the garden completely and as demonstrated in the accompanying images, you can really see the vast change to that outdoor space.

The Elite team set about the task focusing on clearing plants and shrubs first to give us access to the trees. Once this work was completed, we then dismantled the trees and were lucky enough to have access to get some of our smaller vehicles into the rear garden which made the task that much more simpler and straight forward. We felled the trees and chipped all debris for recycling.

In order to provide a completely clear land bank for the landscaping designs to be adopted, we also used our stump grinder to take all stumps down to ground level.

The outcome

It is very difficult to envisage just what a difference garden clearance can make to a home. The before and after images show just how large this actually garden is, and now the very happy home owner has a blank canvas they can reshape to suit their own taste and outdoor living.