Grounds clearance work in Ipswich to remove overgrown bramble

As anyone will know Bramble can be very intrusive and damaging. It grows very fast and very persistent with directional growth. This can impact on the surrounding infrastructure as this particular project demonstrated when asked by a regular customer to remove bramble that was encroaching on neighbouring properties..

The project

The customer had received complaints from residents of neighbouring properties which backed onto their land. The bramble and shrub had become overgrown and intruding into neighbouring gardens as well as potentially damaging the fence line.

Our task was a relatively simple job in removing a two metre strip along the fence line of this intrusive growth, which in turn would prevent any damage to the fences and encroachment into the gardens. A nice simple job albeit not very pretty to look at but extremely effective. Given the denseness of the growth we required use of our heavy duty strimmers to get through it properly.

The remaining two metre strip will be sprayed off in the Spring to present any form of regrowth. This will protect that strip of land from becoming overgrown in the coming years, and will require sporadic spraying to maintain the grounds to the standard we have now set.

The outcome

The project was a relatively simple one although we had to work at the top of a steep bank. Bramble can grow quickly and it is really important to keep it under control so as not to damage adjacent infrastructure. With this particular project it was important not only to clear the grounds to create happy neighbours, it was also about a long-term solution to keep the grounds clear in the future.