Intrusive fallen Cedar Trees removed from Framlingham Garden

Cedar trees do provide a beautiful backdrop to gardens, but unfortunately, these particular Cedars had become the victims of the recent succession of storms we experienced throughout February.

The project

Cedars are pretty robust trees, so not very common to see two individual Cedars in one back garden had become the victims of storm damage. Indeed, it is quite unusual. These two Cedar Trees had partially blown over and were taking up much of the clients garden.

Our tree surgeon team didn’t require any specialist equipment, and there were no real site difficulties or access issues for this project. However, we were careful from a safety point of view to dismantle the trees by firstly clearing all branches, and then sectionally dismantle the two trees to stump level.

Following our removal of both trees, we worked on tidying the vast amount of debris left behind and returned the garden to its natural and clear state. As the images demonstrate the removal of the trees also opened up this part of the garden for other use and created a great deal of light.

The outcome

For our experienced, professional and knowledgeable tree surgeons team, this was a pretty straight-forward project. We had to be careful with our dismantling work as the trees were rather precarious. However, the outcome was a clean area, allowing the customer to make good use of this part of the garden.