Ipswich Birch tree removal due to it failing in high winds

The recent storms have seen the loss of many trees up and down the country, and it has certainly kept our team at Elite Trees very busy indeed.  Emergency jobs are no stranger to us, and the storms have tested our capacity as one of the more significant professional trees surgeons in the region.

The project

We received a call from one of our long-time regular customers and were able to respond within a few hours. Our client was very concerned by the precarious nature of a Birch tree which had blown over in the strong winds. The tree was resting against a neighbours house, and presenting a potential danger to anything nearby. 

The tree was insecure and could have potentially damaged the property where it had fallen. Our priority was to support the tree so that no further movement would cause damage to the property or adjacent infrastructure. Using our highly advanced Access Platform, we were able to manoeuvre ourselves to a save position and location so we could carefully dismantle the tree.

With the tree leaning against the house, this was a delicate operation and really couldn’t have been achieved without the use of the access platform. The birch was sectionally dismantled in small bites, so this provided safe passage for our team to remove and protect the property.

The outcome

One rather stressed client soon became an extremely relieved one. Fortunately, the tree hadn’t damaged the property, and no harm was done to any of the local structures. It was also fortunate that the point of impact to the house was an area that didn’t have an upstairs window. The outcome or all was perfect. No damage, no more stress and a neat and tidy job completed.