Ipswich hedge trimming and renewal of a garden fence

Fencing work is a regular project for our teams at Elite, and this particular project was typical of our work. With so many choices for fencing, it was important to recommend a robust solution because of the adjacent hedges.

The project

Hedges can over time damage any fence, and with a hedge running the length of a fence, we were tasked with providing the best solution for this customer in Ipswich. A hedge can intrude, and potentially damage a structure with aggressive growth, or left untouched.

This particular fence for a client in Ipswich had certainly seen better days. It was starting to fall down and wasn’t in a fit state to be repaired. Our team was called in to replace the fence with a shiplap panel structure but boarded at the bottom with a concrete base and concrete posts. This infrastructure was chosen to keep the fence stable and secure.

Our team dismantled the old fence, disposed of all debris, trimmed the trees and hedges to clear the fence line, ready for construction of the new fence. 

The outcome

The outcome of this project not only demonstrated a much tidier and robust solution but it also massively improved the backdrop to the garden. Utilising the reliable concrete infrastructure rather than timber will allow for a robust, long-lasting solution for our clients rear garden.