Ipswich Sycamore tree requiring crown reduction to ensure its health is maintained

A common sight in trees is weak lower unions and lower trunk decay. It is something we deal with quite regularly. This presents a much higher chance of damage occurring through fallen branches, especially relevant when a tree overhangs buildings and public areas. 

The project

We were asked to undertake an inspection of a beautiful and well established Sycamore tree in Chelmadiston, Ipswich. The tree had seen extensive growth, and its position, which was close to the house owners drive and public road meant that any health issues could put the local environment at risk. The tree inspection highlighted decay in the lower unions and trunk.

Following an inspection, we recommended that the crown should be trimmed back to reduce the windsail area, which in turn would reduce the stress on the lower unions. Our team, using an access platform set up and started to work on the crown of the tree, trimming it back to create a neat and tidy looking sycamore, further allowing for new growth in 2020. 

The excellent access to the site allowed us to clear away all debris efficiently,  and not hinder the house owners in their daily routines whilst carrying out the crown reduction.

The outcome

The Sycamore lost some considerable weight through the work carried out. The decay will need to be managed as will the safety of the tree given its location. However, a further benefit of the crown reduction will be a great deal more light on the front of the house. When Spring growth matures, the tree will have a beautiful and full crown, making this beautiful Sycamore the centrepiece of the large front garden.

  • Chelmadiston Sycamore After landscape
  • Chelmadiston Sycamore After
  • Chelmadiston Sycamore Before