Large trees causing building subsidence

Root damage and subsidence are all too common nowadays, and unfortunately for homeowners an issue that can be costly for the structure itself, and sometimes causing a great deal of damage to buildings. 

The project

We were called out to look at a particular project where specialist engineers had surveyed to establish the cause of subsidence. Following the inspect it was concluded that the proximity of some large trees was causing the issue to the building. The recommended action was to remove the four closest trees to the building and reduce two of the other nearby trees. 

The location presented some access difficulties as well as sensitivities in regards to the public areas. The trees were sizeable, so we needed an access platform to carry out the work safely, with the proximity of the trees being so close to the building, public highway and footpath. Accompanied by sloping ground, all presented some interesting challenges for our team.

We felled two of the smaller trees, and then sectionally dismantled two of the larger trees. So other trees wouldn’t intrude on the buildings in time with extensive growth, we carried out some reduction work on two larger Oaks using the access platform. Given the location, we utilised full traffic management systems to protect the public highway and footpath. Once all work completed the branches were chipped and spread across the wooded area, with any larger timbers removed from the location.

The outcome

Most of our projects present us with challenges, and this particular project given the location was probably one of the more complex situations we would work. Traffic management, adjacent buildings, and keeping the area safe for passers-by was critical. Our team were able to carry out this extensive project, safely and efficiently for our clients.