Martlesham orchard gets a brand new post and rail fence erected

Rural work is, of course, a standard for our team in typically rural Suffolk, and we do regularly work for local landowners to maintain trees, hedgerows and fences. We also provide the necessary protection to areas where food is grown, and this project had multiple facets to it to protect the valuable orchard.

The project

The project in rural Martlesham, Ipswich, required us to look at a variety of work, including Orchard maintenance. The work was erecting a new fence around the orchard, remove some dead trees including the grinding down of the stumps. We also planted some new fruit trees to add to the established orchard. The main job was to fence off the orchard and protect it from Rabbits and Muntjac Deer. This required two types of netting to be laid onto the new post and rail fence. Stock net to prevent the Deer from getting through the fence into the orchard, and the Rabbit netting to stop the little devils entering from the orchard into the established garden. Traffic from both directions to be halted.

Our team set about the work, firstly erecting the fence and then working on the trees to remove and plant new fruit trees. To build the post and rail fence we made excellent use of our Post Hole Borer machine, which makes the job quick and efficient.

The outcome

We are lucky to work in some beautiful environments, and this project was no exception. Also, a variety of work makes our jobs very interesting. This particular project used an abundance of our team’s skills, and the outcome was a very neat looking orchard with a beautiful new fence and access gate applied. We suspect the Deer and Rabbits may not be as happy as we were with the result.

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