Precarious tree overhanging a property requiring trimming and reshaping

Where trees overhang property, this is if not kept an eye on is a recipe for disaster. Tree limbs are heavy, and if they fall, they can inflict a great deal of damage to a roofline. To ensure the safety of the property, regular trimming of a tree located next to a property is a must.

The project

Our client’s property located in Nacton, near to Ipswich in Suffolk was undoubtedly an excellent example of how a mature tree could become a danger to the property. The crown was unbalanced towards the property, and it heavily overhung the roofline. 

This type of project needs a specialist piece of equipment. The Wumag access platform provides an 18m high side reach, so it allows us to work safely on a tree located next to the property. We set about the work with sensitive pruning back of the side of the tree's crown, so it reduced the overhang. We then reshaped the tree to help balance it for future growth. 

Due to the sensitive location of the tree, the work had to be carried out in small sections, allowing the debris to be moved into the platform basket. We could then lower the platform to ground level and remove the debris, therefore ensuring that nothing fell onto the adjacent roof of the property.  Safety was the absolute key to this project, and although it took some time, we were able to rebalance the tree and provide protection for the property in future.

The outcome

There are very few tree surgeons in the area which can ensure the safety of a property with a project of this nature. Access platforms provide the catalyst to a safe working environment, and this project was an example of why such a piece of specialist equipment is so needed.