Removal of two Beech trees from a beautiful Woodbridge garden

The location of this particular job was a beautiful private garden in Woodbridge. The garden was meticulously looked after by the customer and had some stunning specimen trees. Our work started with a survey to inspect the range of mature trees.

The project

Following our inspection, we had concerns regarding the condition of two Beech trees. We carried out a PICUS decay test which confirmed our fears. There was substantial decay in the lower trunks, which rendered the trees unsafe. With a Tree Preservation Order in place to protect the trees, we consulted and advised the local tree officer that the trees required removal. Removal was carried out on a 5-day notification, as the urgency of the situation was prevalent, given the dangerous condition of the trees.

With the location providing poor access into the rear garden, a long drag to remove any debris, and other various obstacles below and around the trees, we took advantage of our superb narrow access platform. It allowed us to complete the work safely and alleviate any damage to the surrounding area. 

Both of the trees required sectional dismantling, 12 inches at a time, given the location and need to protect it. We gradually dismantled the tree to stump level, and the stumps were then ground out to ground level. We then removed all debris from site with both the timber and woodchip from this job recycled for other uses.

The outcome

This particular tree surgery project in Woodbridge, Ipswich, was a testing one for our team. However, the beautiful garden created a great environment to work in and a rewarding project. The client was thrilled we were able to work swiftly in removing the dangerous trees, albeit sad to see the loss of two established Beech.