Reshaping and trimming of a beautiful Ipswich Oak tree

A common and extremely popular garden feature is the beautiful Oak. It’s twisted branches and the stunning canopy provides a perfect backdrop to a well-kept garden, and this particular Oak was no exception. It sat in a perfect garden location, surrounded by a host of considered planting.

The project

The tree had been part of our regular work for years, having Oak trees are renowned for their wide canopies. Broad branches and intricate growth means new growth is always seeking sunlight, and the canopy stretches in size to accommodate. This particular Oak had been well maintained and in good health. The shape was stunning, and regular trimming had seen the Oak keep that shape and distance from the client’s property.

The crown had been reduced in recent years. The works were to manage the size of the tree, as it was relatively close to the property. We attended the site and followed the model of the work that had been done in the past. To carry out our work safely, we used our RQG18 restricted access tracked platform, which is perfect for accessing tight areas, but also manoeuvring over undulating terrain. 

We reduced the tree to the previous reduction points. This required general pruning and management work to maintain the size and spectacular nature of the tree, while making sure the tree’s long-term retention was retained, limiting the risk to the clients’ property.

The outcome

Tree Surgery work on Oak trees is indeed a pleasurable experience. It’s beauty, and wide canopy means you can get down to work to create a beautiful shape. This particular tree already had some extensive guidance for our team, with obvious previous reduction points on display. However, the outcome is the pleasurable part, and the tree looked stunning when we completed our work.