Safe removal of a huge Cedar Tree

Cedar Trees are one of the most beautiful trees you will find in the UK. Tall, elegant and a wonderful addition to any property. So when we are asked to remove a tree that is teetering on being a danger to people and property, it is always a tough job. The Cedar had unfortunately died, so the longer it stayed put, the risk of it falling or losing branches was increasing

The owner of this tree was certainly sorry to see it go, but using our superb Isoli 21m access crane we were able to gradually remove the branches back to the main trunk, and the Unimog with Hiab and trailer was perfect for removal of the larger timber, loading directly onto the trailer.

Within a few hours the Cedar was removed down to a stump just a few centimetres above ground level.

The positive for the property owner and indeed their neighbours was the extra light at the front of the property following removal.