Swamp Cypress causing structural issues for Ipswich homeowner

The Swamp Cypress is a member of the Taxodium family. A tall deciduous tree with narrow conical in outline carrying red-brown bark and soft, linear leaves. Growing 20 metres or more this beautiful tree turns a golden yellow-brown in the Autumn season.

The project

This variety of tree is certainly a robust and hardy addition to a domestic garden. However, established trees are known if adjacent to a domestic home to cause damage to foundations. This particular tree was no exception to the rule, and we were asked by the insurers to dismantle the three to stump level.

Fortunately, access and the need for any extensive equipment wasn't necessary. Just the trusty chainsaw and some hard work were all that was needed to fell the tree, sectionally dismantle and then remove all debris from the site. Our team set about this work with vigour, firstly removing all branches where required, and then cut the tree just a few inches above ground level.

Once the tree was felled, we were able to section off the main trunk, removal all branches, and then dispose of all debris from the customers garden. The debris was recycled to be used for firewood and mulch.

The outcome

The Swamp Cypress is a beautiful tree, especially in Autumn. The owner of this property had enjoyed that view for many years, but because of the structural damage it had caused to the adjacent house, it had to be removed. It isn't the desired outcome, but a necessary one with this particular project.