The Predator Stump Grinder does its job at this domestic home in Woodbridge

One of our common tasks is to grind down the stumps of recently felled trees. The Predator 28 Stump Grinder is certainly a special piece of equipment, accessing difficult locations to grind down stumps so they sit below ground.

The project

The Predator is a tracked machine allowing it to move over difficult grounds. To add to this ability it can narrow its tracks down to 26 inches wide which provides excellent access through the typical domestic garden gate to any tree stumps that reside in back gardens.

With the ability to grind stumps up to 24 inches above the ground down to 15 inches below the ground is a great service and tool for domestic homeowners who want to improve the aesthetics of their garden areas. Tree stumps can be unsightly, so grinding down out of sight provides a perfect solution, allowing for new planting of shrubs and flowers.

We are often asked how Stump Grinders work by our customers. As the images adjacent demonstrate, you can clearly see the robust cutter head (this one recently replaced) which has teeth that spin on a wheel at a very high speed. As the cutter head is moved across the stump (left to right), it creates a smooth and even finishes to the top of the stump.

The outcome

This particular project was one of many Stump Grinding projects that week. Difficult access is no problem with many of these projects requiring the very clever narrowing of tracks to access the difficult locations we come across. The Predator certainly is an impressive piece of kit, and never fails to draw in a small and typically inquisitive audience when it is in full action.