Tidying up a conifer hedge for our regular client based in Ipswich

The conifers are a group of approximately 588 species in total. All conifers species bear seeds inside cones that formulate wooden protective structures. In all, there are seven families of conifers with the largest being the Pine family (232 species). This includes familiar trees such as pine, spruce, fir, and larch. 

The project

We regular visit many of our clients on an annual or bi-annual basis to trim back Conifers. This particular row of Conifers is used to provide a privacy border to the gardens, but if not managed, it can really get out of hand. The thick, dense foliage blocks out almost all sunlight, so making sure the height is perfect for providing privacy, but not to block out the sun makes the ideal border for our clients garden.

Trimming Conifers are an everyday job for our team, but do come with a sense of satisfaction. Sometimes we are asked to create shapes or topiary as it is technically called and sometimes arches to separate sections of the gardens. This particular project was a straight-forward trim to provide a neat and tidy border.

For this task, we use a Pole Hedge Trimmer. It really makes the job much more comfortable, and you don’t get tired arms from the constant movement across the hedge. It is an excellent tool for those who want to trim their own Conifer hedges, and the Elite team appreciate the speed and accuracy when using this type of trimmer.

The outcome

We suspect the Elite team are the most vociferous hedge trimmers in the region. It certainly is a regular project for us, and we are well versed at a straight trim and tidy, or indeed making incredible shapes and carvings with this versatile species. This project was a typical example of the former.

  • Hedge Ipswich After
  • Hedge Ipswich During