Tree Surgeon work in Braintree, crown reduction on young Lime Trees

Working adjacent to houses and public highways is a very normal occurrence for Elite Trees. This particular project required full road management and the necessary levels of caution because of the location of these young trees.

The project

Although relatively young trees, they had thrived in this estate environment and typically with Lime Trees, they had grown very fast. The crowns were considerably large and really outgrown their position, potentially cutting of light to the adjacent houses.

The proximity of the trees meant that would need ongoing management so they don’t become overbearing with their close proximity to the streets properties. After inspection we decided a 30% crown reduction was required at this stage, and in a few years a further reduction would be required to manage their size effectively.

Using our vehicle mounted access platform, truck and woodchipper we were able to safely remove a large amount of the crown on all trees. Effective road management made the project efficient.

The outcome

Although we had good access to the site, managing it properly with properties, driveways and paths, notwithstanding residents and members of the public regularly appearing, our road and environment management processes came into force, and something second nature to us at Elite Trees. The outcome was some very attractive, neat and tidy Lime Trees, all trimmed and ready for Spring growth.