Tree Surgeon work in Dedham to dismantle an intrusive Beech Tree

This particular project was to dismantle a semi-mature Beech tree that was located on the owner’s boundary. It had destroyed the original fence and would restrict the erection of a new fence and necessary repairs to the driveway.

The project

The tree was dangerously close to both the owners and neighbouring property and this could have presented some problems as the tree continued to expand with further growth. It is never an easy decision to remove a tree, but in this case it was inevitable that the tree would continue to be highly intrusive.

Utilising our vehicle mounted access platform, truck and woodchipper to carefully remove the intrusive tree. The tree was sectionally dismantled and removed from site, and all the debris was chipped ready for recycling.

There were some site difficulties with the tree being located so close to the houses and garage, so this limited the workspace we had. However, we managed to dismantle safely and using our Track Stump Grinder we reduced the stump to ground level ready for work to be carried out on the fence and driveway.

The outcome

It is never an easy decision and somewhat sad to have to remove a perfectly good tree but unfortunately the potential further damage from a maturing tree could have been structurally damaging to the buildings themselves. This made the decision easier for us and the owner, and now at least the owner can make the improvements they need to make and knowing that the Beech tree will not cause further issues.