Tree Surgeon work in Felixstowe for EACH Hospice, dismantling a Beech Tree

At Elite Trees we come across a great deal of very well established trees on commercial properties, and our commercial Tree Surgery work is vast and varied. This particular Beech tree was located on the grounds of EACH Hospice, and following an inspect by a local contractor it was noted the tree had Honey Fungus and in an unsafe condition.

The project

Located in the grounds of the Hospice meant our work had to be sensitive to the environment. The tree was also close to the railway line and Felixstowe Road that meant we had poor access and quite a difficult job to remove the tree safely given its very poor condition. It was in such a poor condition it could be potentially dangerous for the local environment.

The location meant we needed to utilise our very innovative and versatile tracked access platform, accompanied by a Woodchipper to clear all debris from the site and make use of the debris for recycling. The dangerous condition of the tree, sensitive environment and location meant we had to firstly pollard the tree to maintain safety. We then sectionally dismantled in stages with the use of the tracked access platform.

Honey Fungus destroys the root system of trees and the tree becomes unstable and falls, so it was important to dismantle the tree in a balanced fashion to ensure the tree did not fall during the process.

The outcome

This was certainly one or the more difficult jobs for our professional Tree Surgeons, and in reality it took longer to sectionally dismantle because of the poor condition of the tree. However, we were able to carry out he project safely and efficiently restoring the locally environment to safe place.