Tree Surgeon work in Ipswich, maintaining a beautiful Acacia Tree

This particular project was for a long-term customer of Elite Trees. They have a beautiful Acacia Tree on the rear lawn directly behind the customer house. Over the recent years it has been in decline with some decay in the main trunk, deadwood and die back on the upper crown.

The project

The tree is covered under a Tree Preservation Order and following an inspection at the end of 2018 we decided the tree needed to be preserved for as long as possible.

We carried out some very sensitive crown reduction and thinning to remove some weight and wind sail area from the brand ends which would help to preserve the life of the tree. We also removed the deadwood and further inspected the upper crown. The idea is to preserve this beautiful tree in a safe condition for as long as possible, so careful tree surgery work was required.

To carry out this work safely we had to use a specialist narrow accessed truck platform due to the limited gate width into the rear garden. This was absolutely necessary as the tree wasn’t in a safe condition to climb.

The outcome

At Elite Trees we have customers who have been using us for many years, and of course we get to know the trees and landscapes at their properties. This tree is a rather memorably addition to the customers property, and a quite beautiful one. The careful work we conducted has now restored the tree, shed some unnecessary weight, and although it is effectively dying, we do want to preserve its live for as long as it is possible.