Tree Surgeons in Ipswich, Chestnut tree removal

It is never good to see a large beautiful tree have seen its best days. This project was no exception with the demise of a beautiful Chestnut tree which had basically died and needed to be removed in order to ensure the safety of the environment.

The project

This particular very large Chestnut tree was under a preservation order, so we embarked on the process of gaining permission with Ipswich Borough Council to apply to remove the tree.

The tree was located in a small private garden and precariously overhanging two neighbouring properties and garages. This mean that access was extremely limited with numerous sheds to obstruct our work. An access platform was required in order to carry out the work safely, and to ensure no damage to any surrounding buildings.

The process was to dismantle the tree to ground level by cutting and removing in sections. We carefully carried out the work so not to disturb the local built environment. This proved very tricky because of the access availability but we were able to do this successfully using our specialised equipment.

The outcome

Chestnut trees are extremely beautiful trees and provide a fabulous backdrop to any property. This particular tree had unfortunately lost its life and if left would have become a danger to people and property. Difficult access, and careful removal meant we were able to reduce the tree to ground level.