Tree Surgeons in Ipswich, removing dead wood from roadside Oaks

In many peoples opinions Oak Trees are the most beautiful of trees in regards to the canopies and density of the foliage. However, this density means that they are prone to sporadic dead wood and can present a danger to the surroundings.  

The project

Following inspection of some roadside Oak trees they were found to be carrying quite an abundance of deadwood. Given their location on a public highway, this could present a danger to passing vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The location was a very narrow road adjacent to a main junction and railway bridge, so road safety and management was a consideration for the Elite Trees team. Using an access platform was absolutely necessary in order to reach the dead branches safely. It also made the job a great deal more efficiency and less restrictive. Using the access platform meant it only took up one lane allowing use of signage and traffic management, presenting safe passage for local traffic.

Following a significant articulated road management set up, our team undertook the removal of all the deadwood from these beautiful Oak trees.

The outcome

Very often we work in difficult situations or locations where due diligence and professionalism is absolutely key to providing a safe environment. This particular project given its location was typical of that process, and we were able to carry out this project, safely and efficiently for our client.