Tree Surgeons in Ipswich, unstable and decayed Walnut tree

A diligent property surveyor had noted that this Walnut tree was unstable, something that had been highlighted to the new owner of this house in Ispwich. As soon as the owner moved in, we were called to deal with the tree.

The project

Honey fungus had set in and caused the issues for this rather attractive Walnut tree. It had damaged the root system and therefore effected the stability of the tree. For a new owner of the property the danger this presented was untenable as it was located near the corner of the house.

The extensive decay had caused severe hollowing of the main stump towards the base of the tree. Our task was to carefully remove all branches and sectionally dismantle the tree using one of our access platforms. The tree was certainly not safe to climb, so our access platform was much needed for this work.

Following a successful dismantling process using our specialised equipment and the skills of the Elite Trees team, we then set about the stump using one of our stump grinders to bring the stump down to ground level.

The outcome

Although the Walnut Tree was certainly an attractive inclusion in this domestic garden it was going to at some point cause a danger to the local environment. Removal was absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of the occupants. Using our platform we made sure this was a safe process, and our client was extremely happy that the danger had been removed from their garden..