Tree Surgeons in Suffolk, an overgrown Conifer turns into a beautiful archway.

Anyone reading this might presume at first that Tree Surgeons aren’t creative individuals. You would be very wrong in thinking so. In fact our job is to make beautiful natural things look even more beautiful. This particular project demonstrated the skills and creativity of the Elite Trees team.

The project

This project as demonstrated in the photography involved an overgrown Conifer that needed to look beautiful once again. I think we certainly managed that task well. Located in our clients back garden, its heavy growth was certainly becoming intrusive, but there was a catch. Not only did the client require some significant tidying of this Conifer that had certainly seen some fertile summer growth, they wanted it to form a beautiful inviting arch to connect the two sections of the garden.

Our first task was to cut back that recent growth, and following the donning of our artistic attire our team started to create the shape at the top of the arch. Michael Angelo would have been proud of us, but more was to come. Every arch needs a door, so our team then proceeded to cut a symmetrical door, which in turn created a beautiful archway and that really opened up the two sections of the garden.

The outcome

We think this project wins the creative award for August, and certainly transformed this very well established garden. The archway opened up the garden beautifully and with one extremely happy customer, our team discarded the artist attire for a more practical form of work wear, moving onto our next Tree Surgery project in the suburbs of leafy Woodbridge.