Tree Surgeons in Woodbridge, works on a group of Willow trees

Difficult access or getting access to do our work is very often the case with most projects. We invariably end up using equipment or just the charms of the Elite Trees team. This particular project required the charms of the team to persuade the owner of an adjacent property to allow us access.

The project

The beautiful group of Willow tress were located to the rear of a back garden of a domestic property. There was absolutely no access from the property itself, so we persuaded the very obliging owner of an adjacent commercial yard to use his property to provide the access we needed.

A very large limb on one of the trees had fallen into the back garden, luckily avoiding the adjacent garage and house. As there was even using the commercial yard a lack of access and indeed area to drop debris as we trimmed the trees, we utilised a long reach access platform which allowed us to lower the large pieces of debris with smaller debris falling into a small clear area.

We reduced the limbs over the rear garden and took some height out of the trees to lessen the risk of further limb failures.

The outcome

This particular project was very typical of access issues, and indeed ongoing access in order to carry out the work we do safely. Fortunately, having the right equipment provided us with a solution and we were able to remove branches and trim the tree so it still provided a beautiful backdrop to the property but no longer presented a danger to the occupants and the local built environment.