Tree Surgeons work in Felixstowe, diseased Willow tree removal

Willows are beautiful trees and make the case for being one of the best trees for a back garden. Unfortunately, this established Willow was diseased and showed signs of rotting. It is never an easy decision to remove a tree of this beauty but in this case it was absolutely necessary.

The project

Willow trees can make access quite difficult so it was an intricate job to gain access to main branches in order to dismantle the Willow. Our team had limited access to the garden but were able to get a small crane on site which helped the dismantling process.

The first task was to work on limb removal, cutting all branches back to the main tree stump and chipping the debris as we proceeded through the project. Once all of the branches were removed we were able to safety cut the main stump in sections to ground level.

Once we had removed all sections, our stump grinder was utilised to grind the vast Willow stump down to ground level. This took quite a bit of time as Willow is dense and the stump can be large in size. With perseverance we were able to meet the challenge of reducing the stump to ground level and tidying all debris from the location.

The outcome

With some trees you look at see if they can be saved in someway, and to be perfectly honest it is disappointing when you have to make that choice to removal such a beautiful tree. The Willow unfortunately could have become dangerous for the home-owners and this left us no choice other than complete removal. We did this effectively, and now the home owner has a rear garden that is safe for their family.