Tree Surgery services in Ipswich, reduction and shaping of an Oak tree

Working adjacent to a busy road with passing pedestrians is a very normal occurrence for the Elite trees team. This particular project required full road and traffic management and the necessary levels of caution because of the location of this Oak tree.

The project

Two months prior, our team were asked to view this large Oak tree located on a busy roadside Ipswich. The owner had concerns due to the large dead branches in the crown of the tree, which dangled over the road, a driveway and electricity lines.

After inspection, it became apparent to our team that the upper crown was clearly in decline and needed to be reduced. Before we started this project, we contacted the electricity company to have the electricity lines switched off for the safety of our team whilst carrying out the work. We reduced the crown and removed the major deadwood on the tree.

To ensure that the work could be completed in one day we used 2 access platforms, one from the driveway and one from the public road. Full road and traffic management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although we had good access to the site, managing it properly with the busy road and walkway, our road and traffic management skills came into force, and something second nature to us at Elite trees. The outcome was a neatly pruned Oak tree that caused no danger to its surroundings.