Tree Surgery services in Kesgrave near Ipswich, work on two Sycamore Trees

Sycamore trees are certainly one of the most attractive additions to your garden. Imposing and beautiful colours all provide a perfect backdrop to a well kept garden. When they do get a little unruly, this also presents a challenge and this particular project certainly had challenges for our highly skilled team of Tree Surgeons.

The project

The client based in Kesgrave near to Ipswich and not too far from our own base had two rather beautiful looking Sycamore Trees which had outgrown the rear garden. They were overhanging the adjacent parking area, garages and neighbouring garden.  They were certainly well established.

Our task was to carry out different work on each of the trees. The first required a reduction in the crown and we recommended and carried out a 50% reduction allowing for renewed Spring growth. The second had lost its attractiveness and grown out of shape, so we reshaped and pollarded the tree.

Given access was difficult from the garden, the adjacent car park allowed us adequate access using our Wumag 7.5 ton vehicle mounted access platform to do its work. Not only did it simplify the workload, it created a safe platform away from the fence line and buildings below. With a tipping vehicle and woodchipper en tow we were able to chip any waste and remove all debris from the site.

The outcome

The images adjacent demonstrate a fabulous transformation from the every so slightly unruly to perfectly shaped Sycamore trees, all ready for renewed Spring growth and foliage. These will certainly look very beautiful once the new season arrives.