Tree Surgery services in Woodbridge, dealing with decaying trees

Every now and again we are very lucky to be asked to work in beautiful environments. This private estate in Woodbridge is no exception. Stunning grounds and extremely well kept lawns provided a lovely backdrop for our work to first inspect the trees on the estate.

The project

The owner of these beautiful grounds asked us to come in and inspect the trees for any works that needed carrying out. With so many beautiful trees we set about recording the works required, and were able to detail this meticulously to the customer.

Our recommendations were taken on board, and we set out to conduct various pruning and reduction work across the grounds. Many trees were cut back, and where decay had set in (as detailed in the photograph), we carried out some removals of decaying and dead trees to ensure the safety of those who enjoy the grounds around the estate.

A couple of trees were condemned as dangerous, and the image of the tree stump clearly demonstrates the incumbent decay. Using the Isoli vehicle mounted access platform accompanied by a woodchipper we were able to remove the trees safely and chip all debris for recycling.

The outcome

The site did present some difficulties. Although we had more room than we would have normally to do our tree surgeons work, the various buildings, undulating terrain and location having public access meant we had to be vigilant at all times. The outcome of our work restored was to restore the natural environment back to a safe environment.