Tree Surgery work in Woodbridge, work on a storm damaged Oak Tree

The recent storms had seen some severe damage to this Oak Tree with the main trunk being split right down the middle. One half of the tree needed to be urgently removed so as not to cause further damage.

The project

This beautiful old Oak had certainly experienced some extensive damage due to the storms that battered this part of the country. The split had literally halved the tree and it had fallen over a neighbouring summer house. This required urgent removal.

The first process was to strap the tree to make sure it didn’t cause any further damage by splitting further. We carefully set about dismantling the Oak in a balanced manner using one of our access platforms. This was a slightly awkward task as we had to make sure the platform was positioned carefully so debris wouldn’t fall onto it.

Once the tree was secure we set about dismantling. It was successfully dismantled in sections after removing branches and no debris fell as the Elite team carried out the painstaking task of careful sectional removal.

The outcome

A beautiful Oak in a lovely location but unfortunately a tree that had to be removed as it could have presented a dangerous situation for the environment. Although sad to see the Oak being removed the client was extremely happy in how diligently and professionally the Elite team worked.