Tree Surgery works in Woodbridge, removal of a Lime tree stump

Our team get some unusual projects to work and sometimes in difficult situations or locations. This particular project was no exception, with a large decayed Lime tree stump on raised ground which needed to be removed.

The project

This very mature Lime tree had been dismantled by another contractor in the past. However, it had left a large decayed stump on raised ground and the stump had sent up shoots around the tree which also had to be removed. The client also wanted the raised area to be levelled, so this project had a few tasks to be carried out by the Elite Trees team.

Access proved very difficult as the raised area was a 2 metre bank from the road to the garden level and fence. In order to carry out the work efficiently we removed the fence and put down ground boards to allow us to work without causing any damage to the grounds.

A digger, loader and trailer were used to dig out the stump, load and remove the debris from the site. Once we had achieved a level ground we proceeded to tidy up the area in readiness for grass seeding.

The outcome

This particular project was a very good example of where we work in difficult terrain with limited access and methods of carrying out the work. Fortunately at Elite Trees we have an abundance of high quality equipment specifically required for specialist projects or difficult access. This project was no exception and we were able to carry out all of the desired works effectively and efficiently for one very happy client.