Tree work at a regular customers rear garden to remove power line interference

Anyone who owns roadside hedgerows, or an abundance of green areas where power lines are also situated, will fully appreciate the need for regular tree trimming around powerlines. Fast-growing hedgerows are particularly regular projects where powerlines are concerned, but a little more unusual for us to trim trees across a rear garden, apart from the repeat work we do for this particular customer.

The project

Our long-term client has one of the most beautiful gardens you will come across. An abundance of specimen trees that have been planted over many years, and surrounded by neatly trimmed and manicured shrubs. A location which is a pure pleasure to work in. The garden has powerlines running across its rear. The trees are directly in line with the powerlines, so continued growth sees sporadic interference with the powerlines.

To safely access the trees, so we could trim back the growth and clear the powerlines, we used our narrow access platform, which enabled us to manoeuvre safely and efficiently around the garden. 

Also, safety means we needed to arrange for the local electricity company to attend site and turn off the power supply to the lines. This needed to be actioned before the work was carried out. Being organised is critical for this type of delicate project, and all part of the service we provide.

The outcome

Where powerlines are concerned, you certainly cannot compromise on safety or indeed put our team at risk with such a delicate project. Liaising with electricity boards are common for us, and every time we come across this situation, it is essential to evaluate the health and safety aspect of our work. The outcome was uncharred Elite team members and further aesthetical injection into this beautiful customers garden.